Thanks for sharing your contact information with us.

It lets us know how motivated you are to create real change, both for the organization you work for, and for you, personally.
We’ll be in touch with you soon to talk about the next step forward, but before we chat, we encourage you to spend a few minutes preparing for that conversation by considering the questions, below.

What are your professional desires?

What constraints are holding you back from achieving those desires?

If you were free to make whatever changes you wanted in your organization, what would you do?

How do you believe you could grow this business beyond where it is today?

Describe your relationship with the current owner.

It’s important for you — and your current ownership to understand that we are an “anti-private equity” company. We aren’t bankers, we’re stewards and advisors. We don’t work according to fixed timelines, but we are in the business of acquiring businesses with a plan towards growth.


Ultimately, we’d need to pivot to a conversation with your current ownership. 


How can that conversation be arranged?

Thanks for being prepared for when we get in contact with you. We’re looking forward to it.